Workplaces Revealed: Lori Packer, Web Editor, U of R

photo of Lori's office

Yep, this is where the magic happens.

I work in the University of Rochester’s Creative Services area in the basement of Wallis Hall (or as we prefer, “the garden level”) with the graphic designers, photographers, and print publications folks. It’s a nice casual atmosphere, as evidenced by the many toys and the fact that I’m wearing jeans, which I don’t think the people who work upstairs in media relations could get away with.

As you can see, I’m still running a Windows XP machine, but I’m scheduled to get a new machine this year. Visible on the shelf near the center of the photo is the “magic wand” our former photographer gave me as a gift when he left the university. This was in honor of my tendency to repeat, “The Web is not magic!!” loudly and often. On the table in the background is my HighEdWeb 2010 “Jack Bauer” bag, which has done yeoman’s service this winter, I can tell you.


My T.A.R.D.I.S USB hub. It's bigger on the inside.

My mantra. Also makes a handy business card case.

Coffee-drinking-cellphone Buddha was a prize in a trivia contest.



From data centers to smart classrooms, cubicles to corner offices, higher ed Web work happens in all kinds of places. Would you like to show off your office in an upcoming issue of Link? Send us a photo and a brief explanation, and you may see your workplace revealed.