At Link, we’re striving to bring some of the things that make HighEdWeb special into our pages: great content, cooked up by incredibly knowledgeable folks, delivered with a heaping dollop of humor.

Link covers topics ranging from Applications and Standards to Social Media to Design to Programming, so whether you’re a web developer, social media expert, marketing manager or something in between, you have expertise that’s valuable to the HighEdWeb community.

If you’d like to contribute to Link — and we hope you do — please take a moment to learn what we love and what disgruntles us.

We publish content—articles, videos, audio, etc.—on a variety of topics, including applications and standards (think: technical propeller hats), design, management, marketing and social media.

While we don’t publish content that’s appeared in other journals, if your submission is accepted, we welcome cross-posting your submission on a personal blog after it’s been published on Link.

In most cases, we respond to your submissions within four weeks; please feel free to follow up with us if you haven’t heard from us after that time.

We Love

  • The Active Voice
  • Multiple sources used to strengthen an article’s premise and point of view
  • Engaging, articulate writing
  • Humor and wit
  • Articles that are less than 1,000 words long (doesn’t mean we won’t publish longer ones but brevity is the soul of wit, and all that.)
  • A keen understanding of the HighEdWeb audience
  • New ideas and formats: break outside of the box!

We are Disgruntled By

  • The Passive Voice
  • Too many conjunctions
  • Rip-offs
  • Overly technical language (except for “propeller hat” articles)

Questions?  Send us an email at

Want to do More?

Are you an design star? An editrix? Great! We’re always looking for behind-the-scenes assistance on our design and editorial teams. Drop us a line at and let us know where you’d like to pitch in. Including your resume and/or your LinkedIn profile wouldn’t hurt, either.