Welcome to Link! A new adventure for HighEdWeb

Photo credit: HighEdWeb

Photo credit: HighEdWeb

Last year at HighEdWeb 2010 in Cincinnati, I made a lunch announcement about increasing involvement opportunities for the members of the Higher Education Web Professionals Association. One item on my list of opportunities was the future development of a HighEdWeb online magazine.

I am happy to announce that the first fruits of that labor have reached maturity. It is my proud privilege to present to you Link: The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals! The goals of Link are simple: take the sharing opportunities that exist at the annual HighEdWeb conferences and make them happen online all year round! Under the direction of Link Publisher, Laura R. Kenyon, a team of sixteen volunteers came together to make this dream a reality. I am grateful for their time, talents, and dedication in developing this new opportunity and experience.

For now, I ask for a call to action: contribute, participate and spread the wealth of information! Share the news with your friends and team and help this new project “Link” all of the members of HighEdWeb together. Read, share, contribute, and enjoy Link!

Daniel M. Frommelt
President, HighEdWeb
University of Wisconsin-Platteville