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Finding harmony: How we promoted an inaugural event

What if you were told tomorrow to plan for one of the biggest events in your university’s history? Would you be ready? How would you pull together your team to tell the story? What if the event celebrated one of the most controversial election outcomes in U.S. history? That was our charge. Missouri State University’s […]

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Arresting developments: Meet man behind famed Bangor police Facebook page

Sgt. Tim Cotton didn’t plan to become a social media celebrity. And while the Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook page he manages has more than 175,000 fans and has earned worldwide media attention, he has a very simple philosophy. “I write how I think. I write exactly what I think, and I write it like I […]

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ALL CAPS: The never-ending trials and tribulations of the Facebook Algorithm and dealing with change

With every announced adjustment to a major social platform integral to social media managers and strategists, conversations turn to postulating what this change means for the work that we do. Yes, we must be nimble and cat-like in our approaches, but what does that actually look like in action? In this edition of ALL CAPS, […]

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Leveraging User-Generated Content

My job as a web strategist in Student Affairs at Metropolitan State University (St. Paul, Minn.) didn’t originally include social media in its description, but it was an area that our marketing department had not yet pursued (and didn’t seem too interested in pursuing it, either). DigitalTrends tells us that 2/3 of prospects use social […]