2015 Conference

Creating the Competitive Edge: Making Student Learning Experiences Valuable for the Job Market

As a student supervisor of a team of six at Kennedy Library, Conny Liegl (TITLE) is challenged not just with providing services to clients and stakeholders, but also carry a moral responsibility for her employed students. Students are essential to her daily work, and indispensable for many large-scale, high-visibility projects. It is important to identify individual students’ needs and […]

2013 Conference Content Creation

Got Students? Get Social!

Ma’ayan Plaut Social Media Coordinator, Oberlin College Student content. We all know it’s important, but Ma’ayan is proof. She began by telling her story from taking one picture a day in undergrad at Oberlin, to her current position as Social Media Coordinator because of her experience as a student content contributor. #realtalk. Student content […]