Regional Conference

HighEdWeb Pitt talks teamwork, tech on April 9

On April 9, the Steel City will serve as a magnet for some of the top web minds from around the Mid-Atlantic and beyond when HighEdWeb Pitt makes its conference debut. The daylong regional will unfold at Pittsburgh Technical Institute. “HighEdWeb Pitt is going to be good for anyone who works in a team (we […]

Social Media

Snapchat: Useful higher ed tool or risky fad?

Snapchat is the latest platform to put higher ed web marketing pros in a quandary — pursue a hot service used by your target market, or resist chasing a shiny object that has raised concerns among some? While no firm numbers exist, recent estimates put Snapchat’s number of users at 30 million. While dwarfed by […]

Content Creation Social Media

Days of our lives, in photos: worth much more than 1,000 words

Efforts to collect photos of students exploring all the opportunities on campus always seem harder than it should be. But a day in photos, with multiple contributors, is like a daylong scavenger hunt for real images.

Marketing Social Media The Working World

How Roller Derby Helped Me Fall Back in Love with PR

Routine. Drudgery. Burnout. They’re things we all fear or deal with when we work in an industry long enough. Little did I know those feelings would be hip-checked into oblivion by a group of women on wheels, in fishnets.

Management & Professional Development Social Media

Engaging Ambassadors

The number of social media platforms, user communities and interactive opportunities continues to grow. Budgets don’t. So how can communicators deal with this evolving landscape? One way is to use the most rich and robust resource available: students.