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Partner Article: Hannon Hill Presents at HighEdWeb 2019

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There’s no question that current and prospective students are the most technically savvy cohort in history. During her presentation at HighEdWeb 2019, Kat Liendgens, Hannon Hill CEO, will demonstrate how to meet the expectation of personalized content on higher ed websites.

In the age of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, people simply expect a personalized experience everywhere. And make no mistake, higher education professionals will have no choice but to depart from their traditional digital shyness and embrace content personalization. 

It’s OK if this sounds daunting. The good news is: there is plenty of low hanging fruit when it comes to delivering custom, targeted content to the right people at the right time. Kat’s session will specifically focus on examples and use cases of both implicit and explicit personalization to show how small steps can create a big impact. The Hannon Hill Corporate logo-- the company's name with a soaring multi color swoosh next to it

Join us at 9:30 a.m. Monday, Oct. 14 for “Content Personalization: The Low-Hanging Fruit” to learn more.

About Kat: Kat Liendgens joined Hannon Hill Corporation in 2009 and was named Chief Executive Officer in 2011. Since that time she has built the company’s progressive culture and continues to advocate for its clients through her commitment to making the best content management and content marketing solutions available on the market.

Kat has shared her expertise about the evolution of web content and web strategies at many industry conferences including HighEdWeb, PSEWEB, InterLab, NAGW National Conference, and more. To learn more about Kat and Hannon Hill, please visit

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