2016 Conference

Agile: Not Just for Developers Anymore

Why does agile development exist, and why does it make sense to involve the creatives in addition to developers? David DeMello, Director of Web Strategy, Cornell University, ILR School, covered those topics and more in “Agile: Not Just for Developers Anymore.” Higher education is often more comfortable with traditional project management methodologies and the waterfall […]

2016 Conference Management & Professional Development

The Web is Not a Project : How to Effectively Manage Your Web Operations

Thinking about a website as a project only deteriorates the quality of the site over time. How can we balance project web work with operational web work, especially in higher ed? In “The Web is Not a Project” session (MPD1), Mark Greenfield, Digital Strategist, University at Buffalo, and Doug Kozar, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications […]