2019 Conference

A message from the #heweb19 AUD track chairs

Eric Sembrat from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Matt Ryan from Carleton College are proud to introduce the Supporting our Audiences (AUD) track for HighEdWeb 2019.

This track was re-imagined to feature sessions on why we do work for our end-users, focusing on user experience, web accessibility, and inclusive design. The selected speakers have an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise within these topic areas, exploring how peers and industry experts have been tackling:

  • Accessibility for PDF document generation, content contributors and adhering to standards.
  • Front end and design for collaboration, distribution — and how to create and leverage frameworks.
  • Usability of authoring experiences for our editors and end-users.
  • Shining light on the incredible value of good content — from copyediting to research communications.

We asked the two track leads for their thoughts on Supporting our Audiences:

Eric: “This track highlights the incredible value we have in ensuring our websites work for our audiences – and that isn’t just visual design! It’s a great opportunity to dive into the various facets and perspectives that make the web end-user experience that much better.”

Matt: “Our track is about developing practices to make our sites human-centered and inclusive, and how we create systems that help us keep our visitors’ experiences consistent and appealing on many levels — visuals, content and functionality.”

This track is great for any attendee who cares about how their website works for the people who visit it. Attendees will be able to take helpful techniques and insights back to their home institution and put these lessons into practice. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of our day-to-day tasks; Supporting our Audiences is designed to reconnect us with the underlying reasons why we do this work — to make meaningful decisions to better the experiences of our audiences and end-users.

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