2019 Conference

Putting our students first with the Supporting Our Students (#SNT) track

We love the title of our track, Supporting Our Students, because it captures a HUGE reason why we all do what we do as web professionals in higher education.

Our goals are always user- and audience-driven, and a large number of users of our websites are undergraduate students. So this year, we are super excited to offer an entire track that focuses on addressing student needs and even highlight some work done by students. We love hearing from our colleagues every year about what they are doing to ensure student success and engagement.

You in? Then check out a sample of some of the great things you’ll learn from this brand new track this year:

The Secret to Turning Student Feedback into Actionable Insight on Common Student: Angela Cavaliere will walk us through their process for addressing usability issues by gleaning and understanding common student issues.

Getting Giphy With It: Branded Gifs for Your School That Students Will Actually Use: Jon-Stephen Stansel will school us all in the art (and science) of creating meaningful and lighthearted gifs and stickers that really matter to your students that include the institution’s mascot or even the president.

Preventing a Melt Down: A Case Study on Reducing Accepted Student Melt: Joel Goodman will walk us through his work with the Undergraduate Admissions team at Loyola Marymount University’s student engagement and CRM tool, Slate – their successes, challenges and lessons learned along the way.

Using Twitch to Develop a Higher Ed Presence in the Gaming World: Andrew Cassel will help you give your school some personality online with one of the biggest video game streaming sites out there – Twitch.

There’s a whole lot more, though! Come join us in the #SNT track to take part in these sessions, as well as learn about working with students to recruit prospective students, build better (and slicker) email campaigns for recruitment, enhance the student digital journey with psychology (cool!) and harness Facebook groups during enrollment.

Everyone is welcome, but #SNT is particularly good for those who work in the admissions and student affairs or services realms. Enhance your skills or break out of your usual area to learn something completely new. Let’s face it – all of us benefit from learning about student experiences and better, more effective ways to engage our students.

We look forward to seeing your wonderful faces in Milwaukee in October!

Karen M. Hackett, Penn State
Martin Sickafoose, Purdue University
#SNT Track Chairs

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