COMe one, COMe all to the Supporting our Communities (#COM) track!

If you were to ask an attendee what is the best part of High Ed Web, they’ll give you a lot of answers – the amazing presentations by peers, the insightful keynotes, the networking opportunities, possibly even the endless flow of caffeine available. But all those great things boil down to one important part of High Ed Web – THE COMMUNITY!

We’re excited to embrace not only the High Ed Web community this year in the Supporting our Communities (COM) track, but also those we need to support every day – our users.

If you’re a social media specialist, handle digital accessibility or manage digital engagement for one or many higher education audiences, we have a lineup ready for you!

This track is chaired by Jeff Stevens and Jackie Vetrano, both involved in plenty of their own communities inside and outside of work. At University of Florida Health, Jeff works as the assistant manager of content and social strategy, responsible for overseeing digital communications to supporting patients, staff and faculty for the southeast’s largest academic health center. Jackie works as the online social media manager at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, working closely with the web content and social media teams to develop sound digital strategy for a variety of audiences.

With several communities for us to support, Jackie and Jeff have called upon the experts to share their insight and experiences with the High Ed Web community. This year, we’re welcoming several new presenters and some returning presenters to the COM track. They include:

With a wide breadth of higher education audiences, the COM track covers everything from alumni to zoology majors (ok, maybe not them SPECIFICALLY, but you get the idea). Whether you’re a social media manager or not, every member of High Ed Web has a community to support, both as a member of it or outside of it. We’re excited to learn with you!

– Jeff and Jackie