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HighEdWeb announces new board members

The Higher Education Web Professionals Association (HighEdWeb) is pleased to welcome two new members to its Board of Directors:

Lacy Paschal, Vanderbilt University

Lacy PaschalLacy Paschal has been at Vanderbilt University since 2008 and currently serves as executive director of digital strategy for the University. Lacy and her team are responsible for determining the overall vision and strategic goals of Vanderbilt’s online presences, turning data and analytics into actionable next steps, providing website and web application development services for the entire University, and training and supporting users of their centralized systems. Lacy has a B.S. from Lee University and a M.A. from Vanderbilt University.

Lacy is a veteran presenter at the HighEdWeb Annual Conference, winning two HighEdWeb Red Stapler presentation awards, as well as being a presenter in the 2017 annual conference’s inaugural lightning talks. Lacy also serves on the annual conference program committee, the HighEdWeb technical committee, and as a staff member of Link, the Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals.  

Nikki Massaro Kauffman, Penn State

Nikki Massaro KauffmanNikki Massaro Kauffman is unique combination of multimedia specialist, front-end developer, and educator.  As a K-12 classroom teacher, Nikki learned that education is about meeting people where they are and getting them where they need to be. At Penn State, Nikki worked on programming, multimedia specialist, and user experience teams. Nikki creates tools for content creators to be able to make accessible, usable interactive content without having to be experts in accessibility, programming or design. Nikki has degrees in both computer science and in education and has been working in these fields since 1998.

Nikki is an award-winning presenter at the HighEdWeb Annual Conference, and has served as a standing member of the HighEdWeb membership committee.

About the Board of Directors

The HighEdWeb Board of Directors is the governing body of the Association, working to create and manage policy, coordinate business issues, and manage the growth and prosperity of HighEdWeb. The Board meets monthly to discuss updates and issues, and works to lead various Association initiatives year-round.

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