2017 Conference Design

HiPPOs and silos and turtles, oh my!

We here at Link have loved Michelle LoGerfo’s doodles for a long time, and this year we asked her to try to sum up #heweb17 in a picture. We know that’s a hard task, but she was up to it. You’ll see references to lots of conference goodness from our keynotes to Karaoke Plane. Hope you enjoy and tweet us the references you spot!

Image including a crow, Felicia Day reading a book under a tree, Mark Twain, a silo, Robbie the Robe, C3PO, an Adobe Acrobat PDF, a hippo, a turtle, a plane made out of a microphone flying overhead and a banner that reads: HighEdWeb Hartford

About the Artist

Michelle LoGerfo calls herself “a full-time unpaid freelance doodler.” When she isn’t doodling, she maintains the website at SUNY Cortland. She sometimes doodles there too, though. OK, the doodling is probably more of a hobby, yet totally validated by a BFA from Alfred University. She also holds an M.S. in Information Design and Technology from SUNY Polytechnic. LoGerfo even found a way to sneak some doodles into her thesis project. Follow Michelle’s work on Instagram.

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