2016 Conference

Kimberly Bryant, HighEdWeb and the future

Diversity in STEM roles has become a hot topic throughout our community. I know it’s certainly a great topic of conversation within the HighEdWeb Board of Directors as we consider the future of the association.

As the mother of a now-adult woman, it has always been incredibly important to me that she has every opportunity possible to achieve any dream she has.

bryant-headshotThat’s one – only one – reason I’m so excited that we are welcoming Kimberly Bryant (@6gems), founder of Black Girls Code, to be our Monday keynote speaker at HighEdWeb 2016.

Our association’s mission is “To advance web professionals, technologies and standards in higher education.” One of the ways we have to do that is to encourage the next generation of web professionals – to help them along, to give them encouragement and to provide resources and a platform when able.

This year, we are able to offer a platform to one who is making a huge impact on our community.

Bryant has been a powerful example of what we should all work toward in our field. She achieved her dream of working in technology and then reached back to help others step forward. I’m looking forward to hearing what she has to say.

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