2018 Conference

Get ready for #AIM! (Applications, Integration and Mobile)

Each year at HighEdWeb, the Applications, Integration and Mobile (#AIM) track offers sessions that ensure you can make the most of your website application development skills and knowledge. We’re really excited about our sessions this year — we think they will provide insights and tools for all the members of our teams and communities. Take a look at just some of the sessions offered in the #AIM track this year:

Improving e-recruitment strategies with a customer relations management system. Kris Hardy shares how a CRM helped Messiah College understand the needs of their prospective students. 

Managing WordPress using Docker and GitLab’s Continuous Integration tools. Welcome to DevOps magic. Mike Henderson demonstrates how Adams State University used their migration to WordPress as an opportunity to build a better developer workflow from desktop to deployment. 

Building a custom search solution in Drupal. Getting search right is difficult. You either give up control using a built-in or third-party tool or trying rolling your own. Adam Gould of Jamestown Community College opted for a hybrid solution: building a custom solution using the open-source tool Elasticsearch.

Simplifying your API with Django and Python. Dave Lafferty of Nazareth College gets hands-on in this session, building a simple REST API in real-time.

Developing a peer-review application. With a focus on improving learning outcomes in the classroom, Purdue University’s Jason Dufair shares how the Studio by Purdue team developed an app that allowed for peer review of all content types, from office documents to works of art and engineering drawings. 

Designing mobile applications. Waylon Baumgardner gets us back to basics with a look at how the princliples of visual heirarchy should inform our designs for mobile screens.

And oh so much more!

While #AIM offers a diverse mix of content, we encourage you to take in sessions from every track – make sure to get out of your regular field and learn something new!

We look forward to seeing you in October – we’ll see you in Sacramento!

— Glenn Donaldson and Karen Hackett
AIM co-chairs


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