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Get to know the HighEdWeb Board

If you’ve met our board members, you know they are an interesting and eclectic bunch. But how well do you really know them? Test that knowledge by matching the board member to a little-known or quirky fact about their life.

Read each fact, and choose the board member you think matches up best!


Congratulations! You rock and roll, just like Memphis. Either you’re very familiar with our HighEdWeb leadership or an excellent guesser. Either way, we’ve got a hunk of burning love for your awesomeness!

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You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog when it comes to knowing your board members’ deepest, darkest secrets. But don’t sing the blues or hang out too long in the Heartbreak Hotel … you did your best and we still think you’re awesome!

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#1. As a child I once attended my usual Sunday dinner, along with my large extended Italian family, to find our guest was Ozzy Osbourne and his touring company.

#2. For two years in the 1980s, I lived on the Island of Tercera in the Azores … The island was owned by Portugal and the cobblestone roads were flanked by walls of volcanic rocks that were completely covered with gorgeous blue hydrangeas that bloomed all year round. Living there was like stepping backward in time by at least five decades.

#3. I worked on “Judge Dredd” (1995)

#4. I originally wanted to be an early childhood teacher, and I completed more than three years of college toward that goal before switching my major to computers. I’m still active in early childhood education and serve on a nonprofit child care center board.

#5. My friend and I, ages 11 and 10 respectively, were building a clubhouse in the woods in the middle of four big trees about 12-15 feet high. We had the floor installed so we decided to rest and sing songs we learned in music class… a little time had passed, and when we both opened eyes, we found ourselves on the outside of the four big trees face down in mud and our platform completely destroyed. To this day, we do not know what happened…unless we passed out and just missed getting hurt by all the nails, hammers and wood.

#6. At my daughter’s request, I found myself in dress kilt walking her down the aisle. Her husband’s family is Scottish and all the men were in full Scottish regalia with a bagpiper.

#7. I am a member of the Interröbang Cartel, Usenet’s greatest band, and the world’s first and greatest international Internet punk/disco/zydeco band. We even have albums and stuff.

#8. In the late 90’s, my best friend and I started an Internet hoax that got us featured and interviewed on multiple national morning radio shows and even mentioned on VH1.

#9. I have a habit of changing the words to popular songs (or any songs) to make them entertaining to my two little daughters. Think of me as the Weird Al to the 4 and under market.

#10. I was a zoology major my first two years in college and changed my major after having to read Slaughterhouse-Five. I met Kurt Vonnegut in my senior year of college and thanked him for changing my life.

#11. I once got to have drinks and cake with cast of Evil Dead the Musical after their final performance in Toronto. That was pretty fun, oh yeah and I had fake blood on me :)


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By Tim Nekritz

Tim Nekritz is Link's Chief Editor and the director of news and media at SUNY Oswego, as well as an adjunct professor of communication studies. He welcomes questions, feedback and music recommendations.