2015 Conference

Snapchat: Yes, You Should Be Using This App

The final presentation of the Marketing and Communications track focused on one of the newer social media channels: Snapchat. Presenters Tony Dobies and Candace Nelson from West Virginia University consider it to be growing to the point that they expect it to push ahead of the likes of the big three (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
WVU joined Snapchat over a year ago and spent the first eight months using an app that almost got them banned from the channel, so they decided to create a presentation about that talked about the good (success stories), the bad (what can get you banned or sad letters from Snapchat) and the future (it’s going to be used by EVERYONE so why are you still ignoring it?)
77% of current college students are using Snapchat. There are 100 million active users. When they set up an ASKWVU situation they got over 400 questions (No, you cannot bring your cat to campus). Now they weekly have a student take over the account, share campus GEMS and engage with prospectives with tours around WVU.   Their full slide deck ( includes all of the situations they have encountered over the past year and the solutions they found. You can also follow them at

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