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Science, Unmarketing & more: HighEdWeb 2015 Keynote Speakers

HighEdWeb is very pleased to announce two outstanding keynote speakers for our HighEdWeb 2015 Annual Conference: Bill Nye and Scott Stratten!

Monday Keynote: The Science HighEdWeb Guy, BILL NYnye-webE!

Our opening keynote speaker has spent nearly a lifetime making science and technology entertaining and accessible. Combining his talents as a scientist, inventor, comedian and author, he has attracted adults and children to the wonders of scientific world. Next on his list to tackle: HighEdWeb 2015!

That’s right, it’s the one-and-only Bill Nye (@BillNye)! The Science Guy will speak to us Monday, Oct. 5 about science, the universe and everything in between. We think (and we hope you’ll agree) this is a fantastic way to kick off what we believe is going to be a conference for the record books. So be sure to register for your spot now; you will NOT want to miss this one!

Learn more about Bill Nye:

Wednesday Keynote: He’s Baaaack … SCOTT STRATTEN!

Who can bring 700+ Web geeks to tears (of laughtstrattener, that is)? As we learned, Scott Stratten (@UnMarketing) can, especially when he talks about QR codes, kittens, and other things that really matter. And now he’s getting to do it again.

For those who missed this hilarious and smart (un)marketing expert the first time he joined us, and for those dying to learn from him again, we’ve invited him back to deliver our HighEdWeb 2015 closing Wednesday keynote. And HUGE BONUS: this year Scott will be joined by UnPodcast co-host Alison Kramer (@UnAlison) to do a live UnPodcast-style Q-&-A session just for HighEdWeb! .

Learn more about Scott and Alison:

Want to be sure you see Bill Nye, Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer at HighEdWeb 2015? Register now!

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