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Is Tumblr Right for Your School?


Wendy Darling from Emory University wants everyone to decide “Is Tumblr Right for Your School? and if yes, to get started. As curator of a blog on Art Deco architecture, she’s become a power user over the past four years and has several tricks to help schools revamp their content or get started.

“Tumblr is cool. Although some think it’s nothing but a collection of memes, angsty blogs, and cat pictures, there is a lot of high quality content out there. But you have to understand what users there want to see,” Wendy says. “It is not your viewbook or your Facebook content, it’s your cool stuff, your spectacular architecture, your student art. It has to be shareable to do well on Tumblr.”

Some key points to consider. First all content should credited, be tagged with useful terms, and focused. Her main blog ( started out of a love for gorgeous buildings and has grown into a powerhouse account with 8,000+ posts, almost 25,000 followers and has even been featured by Tumblr.

“Every school has something that is cool and amazing. Use your archives, tell your science, be authentic,” she continued. “Find your strengths, be specific and let the audience help spread the word. The whole world is your audience on Tumblr and people can come find you if you share the real stories.”

Photo Credit: ecstaticist via Compfight cc

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