Welcome to #heweb11!

Just like HighEdWeb, Link, The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals, is for you and by you — so we’ve got lots of ways to keep you connecting with, and participating in, this year’s conference!

1) Session Blogging

The Link staff — and lots of helpful Link friends — are blogging the conference sessions.  We’ll keep you up-to-date on all the developments, tips, hints, tricks and even memes (Squirrels, anyone?) to come out of this year’s presentations.

2) Link Mag/Conference Program

I hope you’re enjoying the conference program … and first-ever print edition of Link!  We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the conference committee to turn out a hybrid magazine/conference program where you’ll find the information you’ll need to get around the conference, along with the kinds of articles and insight we hope you’ve come to expect from Link.

It’s also designed to be a nice “take-away” from the conference.  Take it back to your institution, show it to your highers-up and let them get a sense of how HighEdWeb and Link foster your professional development and networking.

3) Make Connections at the Link Party

On Monday night, stop by Buffalo Billiards — aka, Link party central — and chat with the staff of Link.  We’d love to hear more about what you’re doing as a HighEdWeb professional and how Link can better serve you.  And if you’re looking to pitch a story idea, or join the Link team, we’re up for that too!

Have a great conference – it’s one of the best!