Podcast host/author Manoush Zomorodi to join #heweb18 keynoters

Manoush ZomorodiThe HighEdWeb 2018 Annual Conference has so many fantastic features and events, we can’t list them all in one post. But at the top of our list of great #heweb18 things are two great keynotes — Wednesday’s talk by Sir Ken Robinson, and on Monday

Manoush Zomorodi!

Manoush Zomorodi (@Manoushz) is an award-winning podcast host, author and relentless examiner of the modern human condition. As host of New York Public Radio’s Note to Self​, named 2017’s Best Tech Podcast by the Academy of Podcasters, she unpacks the forces shaping our accelerating world and guides listeners through its challenges. Her book, ​Bored and Brilliant: How Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive and Creative Self​, is based on her 2015 interactive project, “Infomagical,” which got people around the globe rethinking their relationship with their phones and jump starting their creativity.

Zomorodi’s’s goal, as the ​New York Times​ wrote, is to “embrace the ridiculousness” of modern life. She often ​speaks​ on creativity in the digital age, kids and technology, and non-fiction storytelling, and was the “Z” in Vice’s recent list: ​”An A-Z of Women Pushing Boundaries in Science and Tech.”

Join us in welcoming Manoush Zomorodi to HighEdWeb 2018, and reserve your seat for her presentation on Monday, Oct. 22!