2016 Conference Association News

The Road to HighEdWeb 2016

Hey, y’all.

Welcome to what I hope will be a continuing series in LINK focused on our road to HighEdWeb 2016. My name is @marleysmom, and I’ll be your tour guide (and conference chair/leader) this year.

I’m incredibly proud to have been given the responsibility of chairing this year’s conference. I’m excited about the 2016 Annual Conference for lots of reasons:

  • heweb logoWe’ll be in the South. That means the weather won’t be cold and the food will be heavenly. We southerners – even though some of us are really hothouse flowers – Love Life. We love to take care of visitors and show them a good time.
  • We’ll be in Memphis. There is so much to do in this city that you’ll need an extra week to explore. Stay tuned to this channel, and we’ll tell you all about it.
  • We have a great team on board. HighEdWeb  — the whole Association, including the Annual Conference — is run by volunteers each year. When you come to Memphis, be sure to thank them for their hard work.
  • We’ve already put tons of work into planning and are sitting on our hands so we don’t accidentally let y’all know stuff too much ahead of time. Trust us, we can’t wait to tell you, and it will be worth the wait.
  • Finally, HighEdWeb is the conference BY and FOR higher ed web professionals. You all set the tone for the event; you tell us what’s important with your emails and tweets and submissions, and we respond. If that’s not the most awesome thing, I don’t know what is.

As you sit there, hopefully getting more excited about the possibilities this coming October 16-19 in Memphis, I ask you to mark your calendars right now. Registration will start in April, but you can submit your presentation proposal right now. If your proposal is accepted, you get a discounted conference registration.

So, do these things for us:

  1. Mark your calendar for HighEdWeb 2016 Annual Conference October 16-19 in Memphis, Tenn..
  2. Propose to us – a presentation, that is.
  3. Spread the word and tell your colleagues about us.

Looking forward to seeing y’all in October in my neck of the woods!

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