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Websites featuring user created content in Drupal

Websites Featuring User-Created Content in Drupal
Dwight Nagy, Assistant Director of Web Communication, The College of Wooster

Dwight Nagy at Wooster is telling us about his Drupal 6 deployment of Wooster Headline News WHN.

WHN | Wooster Headline News

What began as a text only daily email blast containing pages upon pages of repetitive content needed to have new life breathed into it.

They wanted

  • Delivery options (RSS and not just email)
  • Timely/relevant news
  • Approval process (moderated)
  • LDAP integration

Drupal 6 was sufficient but 7 (in beta at time of development) would have been better. 8 is out now.

Modules extended the functionality of out of the box version 6. They used:

  • Content construction kit (CCK) allows for custom content types and fields
  • Views
  • Auto expire (they don’t archive content beyond 14 days)
  • Publish content
  • Views PHP
  • LDAP integration

Much of CCK is now a part of Drupal 7 core.

Anyone in their LDAP can submit but moderator roles exist.

Use of sub-theme allows for some greater customization.

Plenty of communication about the migration of process so nobody got left behind.

Media is not present on WHN but is available on the commerce Drupal site that allows items for sale to be posted.

Another similar site is Wooster Ride Share which also runs on Drupal.

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