2011 Conference

Chris Wilson Keynote – Better Education Through the Web

Chris Wilson – #heweb11

Chris Wilson – #heweb11

  1. Chris Wilson, of Google, shares some fascinating insight on the history of web programming, old school video games, and “magic” that we make with technology.
  2. And @cwilso from Google takes the stage! And of course the squirrel. #heweb11
  3. @cwilso on the power of the web…there are just as many people interested in arcane topics as popular topics. #keynote #heweb11
  4. Before twitter or after twitter? How long have you been working on websites! #heweb11 #keynote
  5. “BE PASSIONATE about what you’re doing … it helps you stay motivated.” –@cwilso #heweb11
  6. Chris WIlson’s trip down geek gaming memory lane is clearly striking a chord with the #heweb11 audience.
  7. Chris Wilson’s keynote is tickling my inner geek by using text based dungeon crawlers Ularn NetHack and Nettrek #heweb11
  8. Google’s Chris Wilson asks what browsers the crowd uses. Cheers for Firefox & Chrome, collective groan and few show of hands for IE #heweb11
  9. Technology and education are tied together, need to use them to improve experiences #heweb11 #keynote
  10. "An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people." – Thomas Jefferson. Continuously learning = awesome #heweb11
  11. Adopt 80/20: Employees should find other areas that interest them + spend 20% of their time in the "sandbox" @cwilso #heweb11
  12. On Mosaic: “Doom came out the same year, and we still managed to get it up.” – @cwilso #heweb11
  13. So, <i>it turns<b> out that @cwilso is to blame for </i>this.</b> #heweb11 #Keynote
  14. Ah … Girls Under trees  :)  Thanks for the reminder, Jason!

  15. #heweb11 @cwilso – talking about learning for learning’s sake. Intrinsic motivation.
  16. Whatever you’re doing, it comes down to people. Think from the users’ perspective. #heweb11
  17. Social media is an outcome of the long tail, that allows special interest groups to come together. #heweb11
  18. "Most things boil down to people; internet helps speed up human interaction with fewer barriers" says @cwilso #heweb11
  19. RT @sk140: We’re handing out torches & pitchforks after. RT @nagmay: So, <i>it turns<b> out @cwilso is to blame for </i>this.</b> #heweb11 #Keynote
  20. The key to persons is to understand they are just one of many UCD methodologies. Us them within the context of other tools #heweb11
  21. Never bet against Moore’s Law: technology capacity doubles every 18 months @cwilso #heweb11 #keynote
  22. "If you fail to be amazed by the opportunities, you’re not really paying attention." – @cwilso #heweb11 #keynote
  23. There is so much opportunity for magic… 
  24. Put little pieces of magic everywhere in the user experience @cwilso #heweb11 #keynote
  25. “make something wiggle. sprinkle some pixie dust.” – Chris Wilson @cwilso #heweb11
  26. We still need those days. RT @hmwheele: I miss the days where I could pick up a stick and let my imagination take care of the rest #heweb11
  27. Never stop learning. There’s so much out there; latch-on to whatever it is that pulls you in and go full speed ahead. @cwilso #heweb11
  28. Chris wrapped up with a quote from Douglas Adams.
  29. "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." Douglas Adams @cwilso #heweb11

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