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Shawn Henry Keynote: Accessibility

Shawn Henry – #heweb11

Shawn Henry – #heweb11

  1. Love that the #heweb11 conference keynote is about accessibility!
  2. Making the web accessible is easy when you show people the benefits — aka, let’s motivate people with “carrots” instead “sticks.”
  3. Web accessibility carrots more positive than being afraid of law. Accessible websites tend to work better overall #heweb11
  4. My favorite quote on #accessibility – “We are all temporarily-abled”. Think about it. #heweb11
  5. RT @bamadesigner: Web accessibility is about the people, not a checklist of regulations and guidelines. All about the user!!! #heweb11 #keynote
  6. Step 1 in accessibility isn’t following the guidelines; it’s understanding the needs and experiences. #heweb11
  7. Technology can enable people to communicate who are otherwise physically unable to communicate, so don’t let it get in the way. #heweb11
  8. "John is blind and deaf. How does he get any information from the web? A braille reader." ~@shawn_slh #heweb11 #keynote #accessibility
  10. “As we live longer, accessibility is going to be more and more of an issue on our websites.” –Shawn Henry #heweb11
  11. Integrated accessibility guidelines WCAG need to influence development of authoring tools to help end users #heweb11 #keynote
  12. Keynote on web accesibilty. Making the web work for humans. Examples include woman w/ cerebral palsy, a man w/ no arms & blind man #heweb11
  13. Web Accessibility Gone Bad illustrates why usability testing is so essential. Don’t assume you know how people will use the site #heweb11
  14. Accessibility gone bad example:
    Bolding access key (p)assword. Screen reader says pee-assword. #heweb11
  15. WCAG 2.0 Guidelines, including: Make all functionality available from a keyboard. #heweb11 #accessibility
  16. Transcripts can be very inexpensive. Often, like $1 inexpensive. No excuses. #heweb11
  17. Making your site more accessible means it may also increase your SEO. #whoknew #heweb11
  18. "Dont use images that cause seizures." that’s right, no more sparkly unicorns. #heweb11
  19. Great quote about usability in the keynote presentation #heweb11 [pic] @ HighEdWeb 2011
  20. Accessibility can be an exciting challenge. #heweb11
  21. Web accessibility not just black and white, there is a huge grey area. Don’t get stuck in the wrong places. #heweb11 #keynote
  22. Curb-cuts… made for wheelchairs, but used by bikes, boards, strollers, ducklings and more. Web accessibility is for everyone. #heweb11
  23. Great thing about accessibility is that, in the end, it helps everyone and not just users with disabilities. Helping your user #ftw #heweb11
  24. There’s even a Web Content Accessibility theme song:
  25. WCAG 2.0 Theme Song Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – Disability
  26. Don’t have a budget?  It won’t stop you from implementing web accessibility.
  27. Firevox: a Firefox plug-in estimating a screen reader. #heweb11
  28. Wanna be a superhero? When your work is accessible you can VASTLY improve lives. #heweb11 #psuweb

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