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Accessibility 101

Stephen Fornal from Tarrant County College, discussed the important of accessibility in university (well really, ALL) websites. The goal of his UAD9 presentation was to convince us to level the field and be inclusive; website accessibility should not only be about the law. Stephen pointed

Data-Driven Design and Marketing Strategy

Presenter: Zach Richard, Marketing Analyst, Notre Dame @zrichard4 Session Details: #uad4 Zach Richard, who nearly didn’t wear pants to his presentation, didn’t just tell us how he increased conversions: he showed us how he did it. And what they’ve done at Notre Dame is pretty impressive.

Go Bold or Go Home

So UAD1 was supposed to be  “Your Website is a Window Not a Billboard” but it was renamed in final edits to be “Go Bold or Go Home #nofilter” The team from Beloit College (including Melissa Dix (@akamelissa), Jason Hughes (@jasonhugheshere) and Bill Mortimer) focused