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Taking the Web Offline

Session Details Erik Runyon, Director of Web Communications, University of Notre Dame led this session on storing data in the client browser and how you could leverage it to speed up your websites. He used this to power the #heweb14 website — which is how most of us were

Your Mobile Strategy: More Walk, Less Talk.

Mobile web is the biggest tech trend ever. Like, EVER. It’s bigger than radio. Bigger than TV. It’s the biggest tech trend E-V-E-R. If you learned nothing else from the HighEdWeb 13 “Your Mobile Strategy: More Walk, Less Talk” session, Drew Hill (@drewl), Web Director

Measuring Web Performance

Dave Olsen from West Virginia University presented AIM 4-Measuring Web Performance with several tips to help optimize web loading. He started out with some startling statistics about how the average weight of a homepage today is 1.5MB. And that 77% of that weight is due to

Leveraging mobile to increase student engagement

Presenter Andrew Smyk began by posing a simple question–do mobile/second screen devices belong in the classroom?–and then flips the conversation luchador-style because, quite simply, they’re already here. Smyk frames as a kind of match up: in one corner, we have the technology gap. You ask