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The State of Social Media in Higher Ed

As far as social media is concerned, 2008 might as well have been five decades ago, not five years ago. Facebook had 100 million users — today, it boasts more than 10 times as many. Twitter logged 100 million tweets per quarter. (Currently, it sees

Rethinking Your Online Forms: No Assembly Required

Rethinking Your Online Forms: No Assembly Required Cedric Savarese, Founder and CEO Jaret Manuel, Director of Business Development Veer West LLC / Cedric and Jaret started their #heweb13 session with a quick intro of FormAssembly, a web form management solution that serves over 6,000

Hacking Away at Cancer

On Monday, Oct. 7, over 75 web professionals came together for HigherEdWeb’s first Hackathon. Their goal was to create a new website for the Ride for Roswell and to be able to connect the site with their fundraising systems. The redesigned website will make The Ride

Thank You #heweb13

Dear #heweb13, Every time I leave the annual High Ed Web conference, and I’ve done it five times now, I find myself trying to put together some sort of cogent, blog-worthy reaction to the whole thing. And more often than not, I wind up defeated.

Your Mobile Strategy: More Walk, Less Talk.

Mobile web is the biggest tech trend ever. Like, EVER. It’s bigger than radio. Bigger than TV. It’s the biggest tech trend E-V-E-R. If you learned nothing else from the HighEdWeb 13 “Your Mobile Strategy: More Walk, Less Talk” session, Drew Hill (@drewl), Web Director

WordPress Themes 102 I’m going to start with a disclaimer:  I love WordPress.  I’ve been using it for 12 years and I’ve never encountered another system that I could customize, deploy and develop as quickly as I can with this platform.  (Who knew it would be categorized

Six Questions with Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten is the President of UnMarketing.   1. What’s the biggest mistake an institution — of higher education or otherwise — can make in its marketing strategy? Trying to be cool and “relate” to students. If you’re thinking about using “YOLO” or “Swag” in your materials,

Applying Progressive Enhancements to Multimedia Content

Nikki Massaro Kauffman, Interface Designer, Penn State World Campus,  and Heather Dawson, Instructional Designer, Penn State World Campus presented MCS#8 Applying Progressive Enhancements to Multimedia Content to describe how they approach the myriad requests for video production. Their presentation was focused on online course content, but their approach works for any

Stand Back… I’m Going to Try Science!

  Karlyn Borysenko blinded us with science Tuesday afternoon at #heweb13. Borysenko, a marketing manager with Eduventures, showed her audience how to conduct research into the wants, needs and habits of their respective audiences. Borysenko, armed with a lab coat and a tie-dye shirt, took

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YES YOU CAN! How to Train 650 CMS Users in 18 Months (with Only 3 Employees)

Presenters: Corie Martin Director, Creative Web Services, Western Kentucky University Diana Keeling Web Application Developer, Western Kentucky University Western Kentucky University found themselves tasked with a complete website recreation using a CMS a few years ago. Today, they shared with us how they managed

Turn That Job Into a Profession

Presenter: George Sackett District Coordinator Web Communications, St. Louis Community College John Wagner Systems Programmer, Princeton University I think someone is really gunning for “Best of Track” – starting out with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”? Alright, I’ll take it. John took the propeller off