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Six Questions with Chris Hardwick

How much “funny” should colleges and universities be trying to deliver to their audiences? On a scale of Ned Flanders to Krusty I’d say Barney Gumble. You’re so many people’s favorite nerd. Who is yours? Neil deGrasse Tyson. Or John Hodgman. In your self help

Six Questions for Dr. Moira Gunn

How are schools treating women in technology disciplines today, versus when you were at Purdue to earn your doctorate? This is an interesting question. And there are several ways to answer it. First of all, we can all count the numbers. There weren’t many women

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Rethinking the Login #heweb11

View Session Details and Presenter’s Bio. What’s the problem?  Secondary and tertiary audiences — alumni, parents, prospects — can’t remember how to login.  Passwords, usernames, etc. We don’t login often enough to remember.   You don’t let us choose our identity. We’re not on campus to

Rip Into Your Site With jQuery #heweb11

View Session Description and Presenter Bio Jason was a pinch-hitter for this session about miscellaneous jQuery bits – and provided us with 45 minutes of demoing jQuery live on various website. The purpose of the demo was to show some ways you can use jQuery