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On your mark, get set, mobile #heweb11

View Presentation Details Photo by Ambrosio Photography, Flickr. Forget the other 99 percent for the moment. Are you part of the 91 percent? The 91 percent of schools that don’t have a mobile website yet, according to recent data from West Virginia’s Dave Olsen. WIlliam and

Link Boxers: There’s Pr0n on the Internet?!?! Edition

Remember when summertime used to be slow and there wasn’t much news and the politicians walked arm-in-arm singing kumbaya while they enacted policies that benefitted the nation? Nah, we don’t either. Here are some of the latest items that caught our eye in this busy summer.

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What’s forecasted for iCloud; Toshiba anti-iPad; High-speed internet, low price?

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A Meal Ticket for Delicious; Blogging: Dude, Don’t Be Lame;The Student Loan Debt is Real, Though

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Six Questions with Jared Spool

We caught up with Jared Spool to talk about the trends he’s seeing, what his best user experiences have been recently, and to get some important information about Julia Child.