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Boxers: The Why Can’t We Be Friends Edition

It’s The Holiday Season, and here at the Boxers that means our thoughts turn to the worst holiday song of all time, pulling out our Charlie Brown Christmas DVD…. and to watching cat fights between internet companies.

Top 5 Developments in Higher Ed: #heweb12 Edition

If you believe the futurist Raymond Kurzweil, humanity is entering a phase of it’s existence where technology will start to merge with our humanity at a downright dizzying pace. In his book “The Singularity is Near” Kurzweil envisions a future where humans live forever, we’ll

Link Boxers: Google+, SxSW, That Recruitment Video is a Horror Show

It’s March, and that can only mean one thing: workplace productivity is about to swirl the drain as college basketball takes center stage….er, I mean, “Hi Boss, how are you? No, just keeping my nose to the grindstone here. Lots of hard work going on. Have you checked out our Klout score recently? Whooeee!”

From the Editor

While I’m still digesting all of the killer ideas I came away with from the conference, I’m struck by the notion that you can boil down a lot of the messaging into two key questions: so what? and why not?

HEWEB11 Wrap-Up

Much like the live music that made its host city famous, High Ed Web 11 jammed, from the early early morning till the early, early night. For four solid days.

EZ QR 4 U2 Do! #heweb11

View Session Details and Presenter’s Bio. You’ve seen QR codes all over the place this year. But are you using them effectively? Xavier University’s Cliff Jenkins sought to teach attendees how to use the ubiquitous codes better during his HighEdWeb 11 session Monday afternoon. Developed

Fire Engine

Crisis Communications on the Web #heweb11

View Session Details and Presenter’s Bio. Photo by Dunechaser, Flickr. No one wants to have to experience a crisis and communicate about it on the Web. But these days it’s essential that you have a plan to do when a tragedy does strike. That’s the message