2018 Conference Marketing Social Media

A Contest from @VisitSacramento!

Our friends at Visit Sacramento are launching a social media contest for HighEdWeb attendees next week. (Not that this crew needs any sort of special inspiration to tweet a lot.) The first contest is on Sunday and Monday, and it’s called “GO WEST.” Post on Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtags #heweb18 and #visitsacramento: 1. […]

2017 Conference Marketing Social Media

MCS11: The (Wo)man Behind the Mask: Why Managing Social for a President Isn’t the Same as for a University

When Gail Martineau took over the social media presence for Ohio State’s President Drake, he had only an unverified Twitter account with 6,000 followers and very little engagement. She started by taking 90 days to do some research. She did audience analysis, using native Twitter data, Brandwatch, and Hootsuite; she utilized general social media stats […]

2017 Conference Marketing Social Media

MCS7: From Weibo to WeChat: Boston University’s Use of Chinese Social Media Networks

China is a huge market for students, Boston University’s Carol Duan discussed their use of Chinese social media networks to reach out to prospective students. .@carol_duan “China is a niche market. It has a billion people, but it’s really a niche market.” 😯 #mcs7 #heweb17 — Bryan Barnes (@TheWebBadger) October 10, 2017 In 2013, BU […]

2017 Conference Content Creation

#MCS4: Interview Like A Journalist, Write Like A Marketer: Telling Stories With Heart… and Accuracy

“We’re not looking for quotes. We’re looking for stories.” Who we ask matters. What we ask matters. How we ask matters, and when we ask matters. Donna Talarico, editor of Hippocampus Magazine, talked about tips that we can use when we’re creating content for the web: The type of story you’re writing will dictate the […]

2017 Conference Marketing Social Media

#MCS3: Online Reputation IS Your Reputation: Are You Listening?

Liz Gross, Director of CampusSonar and a long-time evangelist for social listening, kicked off the second round of morning sessions today with a look at how to help manage your online reputation. We have a trust problem in higher ed; large percentages of people distrust “the system,” and 60% of people put their most faith […]

2016 Conference Social Media

Getting It Right: What REALLY Matters To Students in Social Communities

Corie Martin from Western Kentucky shared her study on what mattered to the students in her incoming class in their social communities. She found that surprisingly, academics, finances, and outcomes DON’T MATTER to her students. So she set out find out what DOES matter to them. Come join me in #TIE9 to learn about what […]

2016 Conference Content Creation Mobile Technological Developments Usability

360-Degree Video: We Live In The Future

Arielle Mari, Mark Lee, and Karen To from Colorado College presented a post-lunch session on 360-degree video. (You can find all their examples at — and looks great on mobile!) 360-degree video allows potential students a literal window The team’s first foray into 360 video used the Ricoh Theta; it’s a low-end device, less […]

2016 Conference Management & Professional Development

“That. Is. Not. My. Job.”: @robin2go on Why Teamwork Matters

Robin Smail is the UX renegade inspiration you never knew you always needed. Just enough time for a final run thru on my #heweb16 talk, “That is Not My Job.” Come watch me talk about fluffy stuff. LAFAYETTE!!! #mpd4 — Robin2go (@Robin2go) October 17, 2016 In her “That Is Not My Job” talk, she addressed […]

2016 Conference Content Creation Social Media The Working World

Share Human: The Value of Sharing Beyond Authenticity

Ithaca College’s Dave Cameron (no, not THAT Dave Cameron. Or the other one. This one.) brought down the house at last year’s HighEdWeb New England with his “Share Human” keynote. He brought a version of that talk to #heweb16. Dave starts with the reminder that “the entire point of being human… is to share.” He started […]

2015 Conference

Creating the Competitive Edge: Making Student Learning Experiences Valuable for the Job Market

As a student supervisor of a team of six at Kennedy Library, Conny Liegl (TITLE) is challenged not just with providing services to clients and stakeholders, but also carry a moral responsibility for her employed students. Students are essential to her daily work, and indispensable for many large-scale, high-visibility projects. It is important to identify individual students’ needs and […]

The Web Culture Shift

A successful web content strategy requires support from people all across an organization — people with a wide range of experience and comfort levels when it comes to web work. To get our people invested in web content and thinking strategically, we first need to change the culture and thinking surrounding “web” in our institutions. […]

2015 Conference Social Media

Tragedy, Pitchforks, and Twitter

It was a tough spring at University of South Carolina. With a campus shooting, blackout, and a student incident that went viral, in addition to weather-related updates, the social team was busy… busy learning lessons on how to manage mobs, keep parents calm, and provide timely communications in complicated situations. Being strategic and staying on […]

2014 Conference Social Media

Engaging Prospective College Students and Their Parents Online: E-Expectations 2014

In recent years, social media and use of mobile devices by students have changed how prospective college students and parents research and interact with campuses. How can campuses adapt their content and e-recruitment strategies to effectively engage with these very different audiences? Stephanie Geyer, VP for Web Strategy and Interactive Marketing Services at Noel-Levitz, and […]

2013 Conference Management & Professional Development

Faux Pas, Phonies, & Flub-Ups: How to handle social media spoofs, goofs, & snafus

“Faux Pas, Phonies, & Flub-Ups: How to handle social media spoofs, goofs, & snafus” Presenter: Donna Talarico (@donnatalarico), Director, Integrated Communications, Elizabethtown College Track: Management and Professional Development, Session 11 (#MPD11) “Social media is human. To err is human.” Ergo, those of us who work in social media will err. We’re all happy to share […]