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Future of Social Media in HigherEd

What a Tumblr Learned Meerkating His Periscope?: The Future of Social Media & Higher Ed presentation pitched by Ron Bronson was a completely different animal by the time we met in MCS 11. Ron admitted that when he proposed his idea to #heweb15, he thought

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Accessibility 101

Stephen Fornal from Tarrant County College, discussed the important of accessibility in university (well really, ALL) websites. The goal of his UAD9 presentation was to convince us to level the field and be inclusive; website accessibility should not only be about the law. Stephen pointed

Go Bold or Go Home

So UAD1 was supposed to be  “Your Website is a Window Not a Billboard” but it was renamed in final edits to be “Go Bold or Go Home #nofilter” The team from Beloit College (including Melissa Dix (@akamelissa), Jason Hughes (@jasonhugheshere) and Bill Mortimer) focused

How to Boil the Ocean

MPD2 kicked off its second presentation with the crazy title of “How to Boil the Ocean” from the Washington University in St. Louis web team. Chris Amelung and Ted Elsas shared how they were overwhelmed with web duties on a campus creating breaking news almost

Is Tumblr Right for Your School?

Wendy Darling from Emory University wants everyone to decide “Is Tumblr Right for Your School? and if yes, to get started. As curator of a blog on Art Deco architecture, she’s become a power user over the past four years and has several tricks to

Beyond The Screen

Working in highered means that we have many different audiences to support and dozens of stories to tell. Sitting at your desk stagnates your ability to effectively talk to these groups. Amanda Smith from Illinois State University wants highered professionals to work “Beyond The Screen”

Jude’s Law

  Jude’s Law says that in order to sustain day to day creativity you have to be happy — and happy comes from having fun. Kegan Sims from Oregon State University just wants to have fun. His talk focused on the reality that highered folks

Hacking Away at Cancer

On Monday, Oct. 7, over 75 web professionals came together for HigherEdWeb’s first Hackathon. Their goal was to create a new website for the Ride for Roswell and to be able to connect the site with their fundraising systems. The redesigned website will make The Ride

Applying Progressive Enhancements to Multimedia Content

Nikki Massaro Kauffman, Interface Designer, Penn State World Campus,  and Heather Dawson, Instructional Designer, Penn State World Campus presented MCS#8 Applying Progressive Enhancements to Multimedia Content to describe how they approach the myriad requests for video production. Their presentation was focused on online course content, but their approach works for any

Placemarks to the People

Gabriel Nagmay (@nagmay) of Portland Community College presented TPR6 where he discussed how maps are an incredible tool that combines location based data with details. After launching with a map of Mirkwood (yes, a Hobbit reference)he showed the 2010 US Census data map of Portland.

Measuring Web Performance

Dave Olsen from West Virginia University presented AIM 4-Measuring Web Performance with several tips to help optimize web loading. He started out with some startling statistics about how the average weight of a homepage today is 1.5MB. And that 77% of that weight is due to

Web Content Strategy (MCS 8)

Web Content Strategy: Effective Pairing Multimedia, Social Media and Text Romana Amato, Web Strategist for Saint Xavier University Romana summed up her content strategy goal as working to create a distinct user experience. While simply said, there are many steps to achieving that outcome. First,

Cloud Computing: Planning for Success

Cloud Computing: Planning for Success Jason Fish, Manager of Application Programming, Purdue University This session appeared to be for adults only with a focus on how we can satisfy our users (give them more for them to choose); perform better (meet technology needs); last longer