2019 Conference

Partner Article: Learn How the University of Missouri Cost-Effectively Migrated Hundreds of Websites

NOTE: As part of our sponsor agreements with Annual Conference sponsors, we occasionally post information provided by our sponsor-partners on their behalf. This is one such article. Thank you and enjoy!

Join and the University of Missouri at 10:45 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, for our session, “Herding a clowder of cats: how the University of Missouri cost-effectively migrated hundreds of websites.” 

John Boyer (Mizzou), Paul Gilzow (Mizzou), and Royall Spence ( will discuss the journey to successfully manage hundreds of sites across a decentralized campus without costly DevOps resources. The University of Missouri will share the challenges they encountered and lessons learned as they made the transition to continuous integration and delivery. And learn about the automation tools that enabled their team to focus on what they do best: delivering solutions that meet the university’s business needs.


Across the university, there’s a proliferation of technologies and websites to maintain. A mission that’s become increasingly complex (and chaotic) over time. To effectively manage the sites within your department or across your school, a modern, dependable, common platform and tools can help you control the chaos, speed project development, and contain costs.

A Platform-as-a-Service, enables you to focus 100 percent of your time on quickly building and deploying innovative experiences—and zero time managing infrastructure. With a secure, managed platform your IT team will love as much as your developers do. Visit us at Booth 29 to meet our team and learn more!

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