Workplaces Revealed: Joel Goodman, Trinity International University

August 9, 2011

Where you work really does affect your quality of product and mental health.


Project Charters for Web Development

August 9, 2011

Project management makes order of the chaos.


How Roller Derby Helped Me Fall Back in Love with PR

August 9, 2011

Routine. Drudgery. Burnout. They’re things we all fear or deal with when we work in an industry long enough. Little did I know those feelings would be hip-checked into oblivion by a group of women on wheels, in fishnets.

photo courtesy of Wayan Vota@flickr

Link Boxers: There’s Pr0n on the Internet?!?! Edition

August 9, 2011

Remember when summertime used to be slow and there wasn’t much news and the politicians walked arm-in-arm singing kumbaya while they enacted policies that benefitted the nation? Nah, we don’t either. Here are some of the latest items that caught our eye in this busy summer.